Milling service

We want your transition to digital to be a success. In order to accompany you with a lower investment, we offer milling service

Our priority is the quality of service:

• Good finishing of the milled/printed shape, ready to be used
• Reasonable time to fit with your usual production process
• A human relationship with our customer service to answer to your question

Milling service workflow

4 simple steps to get yout milled shape


Upload your files from our website, and get instant quote. .stl and .obj formats are accepted

Instant upload


Our team checks your file and informs you of the delay

1 Day


Your shape is milled according to your instructions in 48h maximum

2 Day


Your foam block is delivered at your place

1 Day*
* depending on your location

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5 boulevard Winston Churchill

21000, Dijon


5 boulevard Winston Churchill

21000, Dijon