Latest high-tech capture – O&P 3D acquisition

Orten3DCam, combined with the Structure Sensor scanner, allows you to acquire easily, efficiently and safely the patient shape. Orten3DCam uses the features of the Structure Sensor scanner to the largest extent of its possibilities.


The application Orten3DCam works with the Structure Sensor scanner, which turns your iPad or iPhone into a portable 3D scanner.
Offline mode available when you’re not connected to the internet; until 15 folders saved.

User friendly

Thanks to its intuitive user interface, Orten3DCam guides the CPO step by step to acquire the patient shape.


Easy management of the patient folder : scan, model, additional pictures, and other files saved on our securized online customer platform.

Developped in 2018, Orten3DCam is at the
cutting edge of technology

Accuracy +/- 0.5 mm

Instantaneous visualization in 3D

Application usable with iOS system iPhone or iPad

Validated and referenced by Occipital Structure Sensor

High-tech solution : application Orten3DCam + Structure Sensor


We guarantee a customized training of high quality, which will help you to optimize your investment and is based on your needs. Training will be ensured anywhere in the world by e-learning.


We guarantee regular updates of the app to keep your acquisition tool adapted to your constantly evolving profession.

Technical support and advice

Our experts help and advise you to get the best of your solution. For immediate efficiency, we answer your questions by phone and by email.