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ORTEN is a high-tech solution of different tools developed by orthopedic professionals. Our products will help you to digitize body shapes and to create your custom-made orthopedic devices.

Our mission is to share with you tools and best practices in order that you produce the best possible orthopedic device to your patient.

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Optimal digital flow

Simplify your production workflow in 3 steps


Create a digital twin of your patient


Design and simulate the effect of your device for all your patients


Mill or 3Dprint your devices

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Easily and efficiently capture the 3D shape of your patient, in complete safety. Whether you are a CAD/CAM user or a beginner, ORTEN3DCAM is THE high-tech app made for you.

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ORTENSHAPE brings the orthopedic rectification one step further with precise and functional tools. Adapted to all kinds of orthopedic devices.

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ORTENMAKE milling machines are dedicated to O&P, to allow you to produce efficiently, quickly and simple your orthopedic devices.

3D printing compatible

All shape rectified by our product are directly 3D printable. Orten tools allow you to export into standard file format with 3D printable geometry

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More than 100,000 orthopedic devices made with ORTEN

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Flexible offer adapted to your needs

Many online resources available & training dedicated to orthopedic devices

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5 boulevard Winston Churchill

21000, Dijon


5 boulevard Winston Churchill

21000, Dijon